Welcome to the official site of F.A.V.O.F. which means for Famililes and Victims of Fraud.
To provide education and resources to both families and communities. 
We believe that Americans have the right to be informed. We encourage the families we assist to move beyond fear to confidence. 

We promote self-worth and courage because we know that these traits are needed in order to stand against oppression and destruction. 

To help families nationwide by providing intervention and prevention services in matters concerning predatory lending, marital problems, children’s services, and housing assistance. We also seek to provide advocacy for people with domestic violence concerns and/or victims of sexual abuse. However, we do not restrict the scope of our vision to these matters. We are activists that rise with courage against the issues that destroy the self-esteem, families, and finances of our communities. 

Families & Victims of Fraud | Phone: (614) 372-6151
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Log onto Lardy Miss Clardy Blog Talk Radio. I am all about bringing fresh news, education and more news and of course...me. My subject matter is about victimization and fraud. What's happening to the low-middle class down to the no income communities.
 Why is victimization and fraud targeted only to the low-income and the poor? And, who, what when,where and how victimization and fraud affects you, your communities, your businesses and the economy. How can we solve it?