Founder's Biography
Wendy W. Clardy brings noted recognition and numerous achievements as an educator and advocate to Central Ohio.  

 After pressing through the hardships and struggles involved in defending her own home and family, she founded Wendy Clardy Ministries (WCM) in 1995. WCM is an outreach ministry that provides communities and families  with both educational and advocacy resources. Her organization is one that can bring positive change to anyone who will welcome it into their lives.
Ms. Clardy continued to demonstrate her dedication to Central Ohio by investing her time into a wide assortment of public service organizations through 1997. She went on to receive the Ohio Family and Children First Parent Leadership Training Institute 
award in 1998. 

She served as a case manager for Franklin County Jobs and Family Services (FCJFS) in 2001 by providing eligibility and employment resources to families in need. She also invested her time and expertise into Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) where she worked as a mentor and liaison to families with special needs.
Wendy Clardy, CEO & Founder





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