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November 11, 2008
Columbus, Ohio -

Lardy Miss Clardy brings a fresh new twist to reporting news that targets middle to low income families and communities concerning victimization and fraud. November 11, 2008, at, is where the show takes place.

There will be hot controversial topics on children, religions and government. As education is the key to freedom, Miss Clardy brings real news, from real people, with real hands-on experience. No need to be politically correct.

The focus today is on the issues of Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency and how do we protect ourselves against Victimization and Fraud in America? How can we stop it, and who is out there to help?

The particular topic for November 11, 2008, is The Mortgage Crisis. Lardy Miss Clardy Blog Talk Radio show will be airing every Tuesday at 6p.m. EST. Come and listen in on what is going on at 1-347 884 8684.

Come join Lardy Miss Clardy on her radio show. Miss Clardy is urging everyone to stand up, speak up, and speak out against victimization and fraud.

After suffering through the hardships and struggles involved in defending her own home and family, Wendy Clardy founded Wendy Clardy Ministries (WCM), and Families and Victims of Fraud (FAVOF).

These organizations provide communities and families, with educational information and advocacy resources amd a forum to be heard. Miss Clardy's organizations can bring positive change to anyone who will welcome it into their lives.

For more information contact: Wendy Clardy at 614-372-6103, or Email:

If you have a story to tell or just want to talk about it, and it's credible, then air it on the show.



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