F.A.V.O.F. accepts donations! Please help our great organization by presenting donations to help us assist families and victims of fraud. For more information on what and where your donations are utilized, contact us! F.A.V.O.F. uses PayPal, a safe and secure way to send and receive money.

Donations are kindly accepted via mail also and can be sent to the address provided on our Contact Page. Thank You!

All donations goes towards helping FAVOF to continue bringing information and news to the world! 

As a part of your contributions...

  • Bronze: $50-$100 we will put your name or business logo on our website as a contributor.
  • Silver: $100-$300 includes, name or business logo on our website as a contributor and radio mentions for 3 months.
  • Gold: $300-$500 includes all of the above and mentions on radio for 6 months.
  • General Donations: Give what you can.



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